Live to Ride ~ Ride to Live

CCC Riding Levels

Light (Novice) - Slow and easy, leisurely pace, mostly flat terrain, frequent rest stops

Humane (Intermediate) - Moderate pace and difficulty, some hill climbing, frequent rest stops

Advanced Intermediate - Fast pace, longer distance, hill/mountain climbs, fewer rest stops

Advanced Rider - Fastest pace, most difficult, hills/mountains, few rest stops

Helmet Use

For your safety, CCC has adopted a mandatory helmet policy on all club rides.

Ride Categories

Casual - Suitable for beginners and Ride leaders wait for less experienced riders.

Flexible - Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace. Designated meet up at rest stops.

Training - Brisk rides with few or no stops for regrouping.

Ride leaders do not sweep.

We look forward to riding with you.

We Ride As One

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